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Tilia Rimlesss Bathroom SuiteTILIA RIMLESS
bathroom suite
Square design with a softer finish.
Cilantro Bathroom Suite CILANTRO
bathroom suite
Smooth curves and clean lines.
Amyris Bathroom SuiteAMYRIS
bathroom suite
Minimalistic form, thin edges
Senna Bathroom SuiteSENNA
bathroom suite
Elegant sculpted design.
Mimosa Bathroom SuiteMIMOSA
bathroom suite
Great design for all round use.
Sandro Bathroom SuiteSANDRO
bathroom suite
Great design for all roudnd use.
Cedarwood Bathroom SuiteCEDARWOOD
bathroom suite
Great space-saving suite.
Laurus Bathroom SuiteLAURUS
bathroom suite
Timeless modern design.
Tuscany Bathroom SuiteTUSCANY
bathroom suite
Modern style, ideal for families.
Sherbourne Bathroom SuiteSHERBOURNE
bathroom suite
A timeless classic.
Freestanding Bathrooom Drawing

Are you looking for a new bathroom suite?

The shape of your suite sets the style for the rest of your bathroom, so it's important to consider what look and feel you want overall when choosing.

We have sizes to suit large bathrooms or small cloakrooms and shapes that match all the popular styles.

We always think about how a suite will combine with the rest of the room to achieve a complete style aesthetic throughout.

Modular Bathroom FurnitureMODULAR
bathroom furniture
Fitted Bathroom FurnitureFITTED
bathroom furniture
Freestanding Bathroom FurnitureFREESTANDING
bathroom furniture