Kitchen Sinks

Looking for the perfect sink for your new kitchen?

If there's one thing you can't do without when it comes to kitchens, it's a sink. Kitchen sinks are used dozens of times a day, whether you're washing your hands and vegetables before preparing a meal, cleaning the dishes afterwards or giving your new kitchen a good scrub down. As design for kitchens has evolved the years, so has the variety of kitchen sinks you can now choose from.

Kitchen Sinks

Whether you want a standard stainless sink with a draining board or something a little more stylish to suit a brand new modern kitchen, the choices are near endless. At Roomsens e, we offer a wide range of kitchen sinks to go with the array of kitchens we sell, including designs for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Whatever you're looking for when it comes to sinks for new kitchens, we're sure to have the design for you.

What kitchen sinks can you choose from?

With so many different kitchens to pick from, it's unsurprising that there are also numerous kitchen sinks to go with them. When it comes to inset kitchen sinks, you can choose from classic stainless steel sinks - to fit both standard worktops and corner spaces - or coloured sinks ranging from white and grey to beige, brown and black. These could be particularly ideal for traditional kitchens. These sinks come with draining boards of various types, while others have a second, smaller basin and spaces where you can set down containers of fruit and vegetables for easy washing. Alternatively, for a truly modern look in new contemporary kitchens, why not opt for undermount sinks? These kitchen sinks are fitted with the surrounding worktop overlapping the edges for a seamless appearance.

Again, there are undermount sinks to suit kitchens in a wide range of colour schemes and styles as they also come in either stainless steel or natural-looking shades like white, grey, brown and black. Whether you're looking into contemporary or traditional kitchens, Roomsense has the perfect sink for you.

Order your perfect kitchen and sink with confidence from Roomsense

When you choose to buy one of the wide range of custom kitchens available at Roomsense, we'll do everything we can to ensure the ordering process runs as smoothly as possible. We'll send our expert designers straight to your home to come up with the perfect kitchen design and help you place your order - including kitchen sinks, appliances, units, accessories and other elements. After we've conducted a technical survey to double-check that you've ordered the best possible kitchen for your home, you can expect to receive your new kitchen within three weeks, depending on which products you've bought

In the meantime, you can direct any queries about our kitchens to the experts free on 0800 488 0008 customer helpline. We also offer a range of easy ways to pay. If you're interested in looking at our wide range of kitchens, why not get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you?